President Pranab Mukherjee Launches Aakash-2 Tablet in India Priced at Rs 1,130


If you are confuse for Diwali gift than Cheer up,  President Pranab Mukherjee has given the best gift to India after launching the advanced version of low-cost tablet Aakash priced at Rs 1,130. This tablet is jointly  developed by the aegis of IIT Bombay with the active support of C-DAC. Datawind is rolling out the device.

On the eve of this hot launch, Datawind CEO Suneet Tuli said that “The price of new Aakash tablet  is Rs 2,263 at which the government purchases the device from us and with  50% subsidies, it will be distributed to students at Rs 1,130,”. About 22 crore students will get the device across the country in the next five to six years. According to TOI.

The new Aakash-2 tablet is powered by a 1 GHz, has a 512 MB runs on Linux operating system offers you a 7 inch capacitative touch screen and three hours of battery life for normal work.

At last I would like to say that new Aakash-2 Tablet is coming to rock the Indian market and the best gadget in affordable price. What you think? Please be open to give your view.