New Apple iPhone 6 will Launch By Q1 2014.

apple-iPhone-6There is a saying ” the more you judge the less you love” but Apple is saying the more you judge the more you love because Apple going to launch, the phone of the millennium, New apple iphone 6. If rumours comes true the sixth generation iPhone will launch by Autumn (January-March) 2014  under Rs 50000 to take on Samsung Galaxy s4. How ever no words of pricing and release date from Apple.(

The upcoming New apple iphone 6 expected to come with  improved user interface without any home screen button will be available in multiple colors and offers you innovative features like  Wireless charging, 3D Technology, NFC capability and Finger Print Scanner. It will run on latest Apple iOS 7  comes with  a 4.8 inch full HD resolution retina+ display  powered by a Apple’s A7 quad core 1.8 GHz  processor sporting a 13mp camera with 128GB storage like iPad 3.

At last I would like to say that upcoming New apple iphone 6 is coming to rule the smartphone market and break all sales record. What you think? Please be open to give your view.